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Pastor Jeffery Reeves

Hi. I'm Pastor Reeves

I was privileged to be born into an Apostolic home in 1965. My father was an apostolic preacher and pastor most all of my years at home. God's grace reached out to me at an early age and I was baptized in Jesus' Name and wonderfully filled with the Holy Ghost, speaking with other tongues, on May 23, 1973 at the age of eight. I was married to Karen Warren in Blue Springs, Missouri on August 4, 1983 and lived in Lee's Summit, Missouri. In time, I felt a call to the ministry. I began ministering around June of 1984 and have served in various capacities in several churches. I served as youth pastor and assistant to the pastor for the greater part of 1985 - 1994 at which time my wife and I, along with the three wonderful children God has given us, relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. There we helped in a local church through music, preaching, teaching Sunday School, outreach, and other responsibilities. We returned to Lee's Summit early in 1996 and became the pastor of Heart of America United Pentecostal Church in Grandview, Missouri. I served as pastor there until June of 2001 at which time I turned the pastorate over to a wonderful minister friend as I became an assistant pastor at another location -- entering full-time ministry. I remained in that position until mid 2002 when my family began to travel in evangelistic ministry. We ended up in McComb, Mississippi where I assisted Pastor Wayne Cardwell for a period of six months. He then accepted the pastorate of First United Pentecostal Church in DeQuincy, Louisiana. My family once again traveled and evangelized until August of 2003 at which time I became the pastor of First United Pentecostal Church in Fairview, Alabama. I pastored in Alabama for eight and a half years. In March 2012 I resigned my position as pastor and relocated to DeQuincy, Louisiana where I served as emergency pastor as my pastor, Pastor Wayne Cardwell, battled pancreatic cancer. He received his crown in August of that year and my family once again traveled, evangelizing. On October 28, 2012 I was selected as pastor of our home church, Miracle Apostolic Church in Lee's Summit, Missouri where I presently serve.

In the process of time, I have completed many Bible college classes, receiving certificates in various areas of Christian study, and continue to be a student of the wonderful Word of God.


Sis. Karen Reeves

Hi. I'm Sis. Reeves

I am wife to Pastor Jeffery Reeves and love working with people and being fully involved in Miracle Apostolic Church (MAC). I've been given the amazing opportunity to be mother to three awesome (now) adults. They are very active in the kingdom of God and bring me much delight. I have been blessed with two precious daughters-in-law and one sweet son-in-law. Just in case you are wondering, yes, they have given us five incredible grands; therefore I get a favorite title -- "Nonna". God has been extremely good to my family. I relish spending time with my incredible husband, children, in-loves, and grands! Special moments kayaking and road trips with MAC youth, having dinner or going to the zoo with our elders, outings with the ladies, excursions with the wee angels, and spending time with our MAC families paint beautiful impressions in my life. I'm highly favored to have lovely people surrounding me.

I currently serve as MAC Sunday School director. I have been involved as Sunday School director for 18 years in various locations and have taught kids church through young adult ages for 40 years. I love challenging children, youth, and young adults to include God in their daily lives. It is fulfilling when I see them surrender their lives to the Creator and begin to grow spiritually. I believe youth class and kids church should be fun, exhilarating, hands-on, safe, and a setting to reach your greatest potential. I enjoy being involved with the staff and creating an extraordinary learning atmosphere for each and every attendee.

I am actively involved in our music department and worship services. Ecclesiastes 9:10 says, "Whatever your hands find to do, do it with your might..." (ESV).

While I have other hobbies that I enjoy, there is nothing so gratifying as working for God and watching lives as they are transformed.


Bro. Bryce Reeves

Hi. I'm Bro. Bryce

I have the privilege of serving as the youth leader to the awesome group of young people at Miracle Apostolic Church.

I have been blessed with four great kids and an awesome wife. We all love working for God and the church. I am also a private pilot and enjoy flying, working with young people, and having a great time with them.

I grew up in a pastor's home and have worked in the church all of my life. It is great to be able to work with young people and see them commit to God and dedicate their lives to working for him. I enjoy seeing them grow and learn and become great christians and soul-winners. I love seeing them accept a challenge and accomplish something new to grow.

I believe we will see, and am looking forward to seeing great growth in our young people and youth group.


Sis. Marsha Grooms

Hi. I'm Sis. Marsha

I am married and have been blessed with three wonderful children. My youngest is now a teenager so I am trying to make the most of the years we have left with them at home. I have attended Miracle Apostolic Church most of my life and I am so thankful to have been raised in an Apostolic home -- by the best parents in the world! I received the Holy Ghost when I was nine years old at a youth camp in Westphalia, Missouri.

I have taught various ages of children in Sunday School throughout the years, and I am currently a teacher in our MACKidz church. It is truly an honor to have the privilege of teaching children the word of God and having a positive impact on their lives. Teaching just became even more fun as our Sunday School area has recently been remodeled to include a fun play area and a yummy, healthy smoothie shop. It is just exciting to be a part of what God is doing at Miracle Apostolic Church!


Sis. Tammy Bennett

Hi. I'm Sis. Tammy

My husband and I have been married nineteen awesome years and have four wonderful kids. I am a Sunday School teacher at Miracle Apostolic Church. I received the Holy Ghost at age six and am so thankful for the Sunday School teachers I had as a child growing up. I love to see the kids learning and growing and feel honored to be a part of that! Can't wait to see what God will do in their lives!

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